Three Simple Story Ideas for Creativity

Three Simple Story Ideas for Creativity

Three simple story ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Remember that writing is easy once you commit to making it a daily practice.

  1. An mobile app developer makes an app that can do something magical. What can his app do, what kind of ethical dilemma does it raise, and what does he end up doing with it?
  2. A man starting to become intimate with a woman rents an expensive hotel room and they take a bath together, but the water turns pink as the woman has her period. What unusual reaction does the man have?
  3. Have your character attend a themed costume party where they can’t find the person that invited them, they know nobody else, and the people they meet are alternately hostile and friendly. What is the strange theme of the costumes, and does your character stay or run after a disaster happens?

Story Idea – Galactic Solid Knife Wars

Story Idea – Galactic Solid Knife Wars

A long, long time ago in a solid, solid galaxy…

After leaving the dirty planet Venus, a group of wizards fly toward a distant speck. The speck gradually resolves into a damp, space abbey.

Civil war strikes the galaxy, which is ruled by Kimberly Thunder, a scrawny zombie capable of vandalism and even violence.

Terrified, a chilly dragon known as Georgina Sparkle flees the Empire, with her protector, Stanley Smith.

They head for Upper Boggington on the planet Abydos. When they finally arrive, a fight breaks out. Smith uses her solid knife to defend Georgina.

Smith and Dragon Georgina decide it’s time to leave Abydos and steal a lorry to shoot their way out.

They encounter a tribe of wizards. Smith is attacked and the dragon is captured by the wizards and taken back to Upper Boggington.

Smith must fight to save Dragon Georgina but when she accidentally unearths a magical banana, the entire future of the solid, dirty galaxy is at stake.

A Few Different Gadgets from the Story

The tribe of wizards has very advanced technology and this is just a sample of the list of gadgets they have created.

  • Acid Rock Mutator
  • Charge Porter
  • Chemistry-Assaulter
  • Code-Bomb
  • Combat-Organism
  • Counter Luminator-Healer
  • Curing Transmutation Deflector
  • Current-Breeze Illuminator
  • Dark Water Bane
  • Detonating Launching Dominator
  • Dream-Portal
  • Explosive Regenerator
  • Healer-Unit
  • Hypnotizer-Probe
  • Igniter Enchanter-Tunneller
  • Mental Strategic Alterer
  • Moleculo Beguiler-Torch
  • Rejuvinating Soil Combustion Hammer
  • Screaming Beacon Screamer
  • Scything Road Processor
  • Soak Mobilizer-Unit
  • Street-Pollution
  • Tactical Luminator
  • Warp-Apparatus
  • Whirlwind-Mobilizer