Story Idea

A recent college graduate volunteers for a television experiment where he has to watch for twelve hours a day. What do they make him watch, how does this change his relationship with his girlfriend, and does he break off the experiment or continue until the bitter end? There’s a plot twist: somewhere towards the end, it’s revealed that everything that is happening is inside a story. That’s when everything becomes hilarious.

Some Names to Ponder

One of the recurring characters in the story is a fictional villain who appears in various forms in the television programs. Here are some possible names for him.

Bloodcrush The Automaton
Bronzeslime The Beast
Carnalcaster The Thief
Goldfreeze The Rotten
Moneyzap The Vomitous
Riverrock The Sneaky
Scarechill The Master
Treeshock The Psychic
Wethate The Cunning

Some Names for the Lead

Aaron Peck
Barrett Cameron
Chauncey Rivas
Colin Wooten
Darren Berg
Earl Rory Vazquez
Gavin Harold Wade
Herschel Armando Benton
Jerold Winston Joseph
Lacy Crosby
Leif Benjamin
Matt Lowell Cooke
Nickolas Hobbs
Pedro Toby Leon
Raymundo Ingram



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