Story Idea

He’s a good-natured wanderer with a roguish sense of humor; she’s a sexy forensic investigator with a tight T-shirt. Together, they must find a missing cat during a thunderstorm. A mysterious nonsense phrase turns out to refer to the antagonist’s favorite book.

Side note: the story stars a zany fashion designer named Paris Weller who creates inspired pieces based on pop culture. Some of his more outlandish creations:

  • Gym Outfit based on The Flash
  • Men’s Military Uniform based on Mothra
  • Men’s Winter Coat based on Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Muumuu based on Apokolips (New Gods)
  • Wedding Suit based on The original Doctor Who
  • Women’s Dance Club Outfit based on Sakura (Naruto)
  • Women’s Dance Club Outfit based on The Gray Mouser (Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser)
  • Women’s Gymwear based on Boromir (Lord of the Rings)
She’s a forensic investigator with a tight t-shirt.

Some Female Lead Character Names

Addie Tammi Daugherty
Adela Stevens
Carissa Helene Owens
Catherine Rios
Celina Ware
Claudine Miranda
Debra Winifred Hines
Dena Burke
Edwina Sofia Glass
Eileen Myrna Lawson
Elisabeth Mason
Elva Fran Kaufman
Felecia Green
Francine Alyssa Bauer
Hannah Liza Daugherty
Ina Mcgee
Jacqueline Erica Landry
Janell Mabel Phelps
Kate Ursula Gibbs
Lidia Beulah Simpson
Lynnette Erna Cox
Melissa Ora Quinn
Melody Molina
Milagros Alicia Park
Ola Rosemarie Velez

A Few Male Lead Character Names

Agustin Matthew Chen
Armando Nguyen
Aron White
Calvin Abram Maxwell
Chung Floyd
Herb Man Dickson
Isaias Dino Hodges
Jae Brendan Rios
Kip Rolando Boyd
Marquis Pennington
Moshe Schneider
Rolf Geraldo Humphrey
Scott Wally Langley
Sidney Fredrick Thomas
Sterling Mayo

What If…

…Beowuf was directly responsible for steam power?
…Columbus had access to nuclear power?
…George Orwell, Billy the Kid, and Saladin were connected by secret science?
…Imhotep switched places with Saint Jerome?
…Marco Polo switched places with Alfred Nobel?
…Pontious Pilate had access to nuclear power?
…hypnotism had been invented a hundred years later?
…the Cuban Missile Crisis had never happened?
…the advent of Christianity had never happened?
…the fall of the Inca Empire had never happened?



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