Story Idea

She’s a lazy yoga teacher with a dark side; He’s a famous detective with a roguish sense of humor. Together, they must learn the secrets of the Knights Templar while handcuffed together.

The First Line

He was a brave man except when it came to small, tight spaces like the tunnel in front of him.

A Few Character Names to Use

The Yoga Teacher

Althea Clarice Hood
Blanche Kelley
Corina Benjamin
Dina Merrill
Felecia Caldwell
Kerri Bryant
Leila Lola Ward
Lucinda Riley
Nanette Krista Juarez
Olivia Meagan Sanchez
Reba Battle
Rebekah Ophelia Paul
Roxanne Rosanne Davis
Ursula Watkins
Wilma Nell Cleveland

The Detective

Aldo Woods
Alvaro Irvin Saunders
Bo Shepard
Brock Lacy Burt
Dan Foster
Dewayne Donovan Jacobs
Jed Rogers
Pasquale Octavio Lopez
Theodore Erick Macias
Winfred Long Shannon

A Few Possible Settings in London

Alongside the Thames River
Near Buckingham Palace
On the London Eye


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