Story Idea

An ex-girlfriend of a novelist eagerly reads each of his new books, waiting to find a character based on her. But when she does, she’s depicted as a liar, thief, and pedophile. What does she do for revenge?

Some Possible Character Names

Allison Cotton
Alyce Boyle
Ana Margarita Gillespie
Annmarie Rebekah Sexton
Benita Kirby
Brandi Bridges
Carole Lakeisha Lowery
Consuelo Cathleen York
Darla Consuelo Galloway
Debra Martha Wells
Dora Sloan
Etta Lawrence
Florence Frye
Francine Boyd
Grace Ballard
Gwendolyn Adams
Hallie April Mckinney
Herminia Ramos
Hilda Manuela Johns
Imogene Rowena Ryan
Jeanie Nola Rowe
Joanne Burch
Josefa Cross
Katie Wiley
Ladonna Houston
Leanna Holt
Leanne Graves
Lessie Pacheco
Letitia Watson
Luisa Clarice Cain
Lydia Mona Ochoa
Marci Eunice Thomas
Meagan West
Melisa Alta Brock
Misty Rosalyn Woodard
Nettie Carla Romero
Nola Parsons
Rosalyn Tabitha Payne
Rosie Gabrielle Price
Ruby Melisa Gilliam
Susanne Pearlie Lewis
Virginia Molina
Zelma Nina Witt

A Few Possible Places and Settings

Boise, Idaho
Los Angeles
Austin, Texas

A Tokyo Spring filled with Cherry Blossoms.

What If…

…Charles Darwin was deliberately responsible for inter-dimensional travel?
…Copernicus lived in a world where the fall of Satan had never happened?
…Ghandi lived in a world where the fall of Satan had never happened?
…John Adams was deliberately responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis?
…Paracelsius was directly responsible for supercomputers?
…Pythagoreas was responsible for giant robots?
…Robert Oppenheimer was actually Lewis Carrol?
…Stalin was directly responsible for holographic entertainment?
…the Battle of the Alamo had never happened?
…the Klondike Gold Rush happened after the fall of the Berlin Wall?


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